It Matters: Transfemoral Black Magic 

It’s a lot easier to give advice than to take your own, did you know that?

In my last post, I talked about acknowledging accomplishments, and the benefits that it can have on your well-being. I’m currently trying to practice being gentler and kinder with myself, in the hopes of squashing the perfectionism that’s been controlling my life while increasing my self-compassion.

Whoa, crazy. So, what’s that mean for you?

I’m going to try to start a weekly acknowledgement and gratitude post, in order to keep myself accountable! It’ll be brief, but I just want to talk about what I’ve tackled in the previous week. And I’d love to hear your accomplishments in the comments, below! We can work on this together. No matter how little you think an accomplishment may be, it matters!


So here goes! This week, I tackled a second transfemoral socket modification. I met my patient on Monday, casted his residual limb for a socket, and then made modifications to the positive plaster mold throughout the week. I typically struggle when doing modifications in plaster. I mean, I’m not just ON the struggle bus, I’m DRIVING it. Especially with a transfemoral prosthetic socket: there is a lot of soft tissue that must be positioned, compressed, and loaded in a very specific manner in order to ensure patient comfort and success. This week, I felt a little more confident in my modifications – and I’m excited to see how the socket will fit at the appointment next week! I’m very grateful to our patient models, who generously give us their time, patience, wisdom, and trust as we learn.

In terms of fun things this week, I actually got to check an item off of my bucket list! Ever since I was little, I always wanted to be an ice cream taste-tester. I love ice cream, and I thought I’d be the perfect woman for the job. I came across an advertisement on Facebook for a local grocery store, HEB, who was looking for people with opinions about ice cream! I took a brief survey about my ice cream preferences, and then I was contacted later that day to come in for an ice cream tasting focus group study. I’m still amazed! I even got a $25 HEB gift card for my time. AND the ice cream was amazing!

Another gratitude nugget: I’m also grateful to my wonderful partner in crime, who is tackling final exams and moving to a new apartment, all in one week, yet he still makes time to check in on me! I’m thankful for his love and support, always.

Okay, last accomplishment for the week – I found an 8 week “couch potato to runner” program that I started, with the help of several of my classmates! One even tagged along for my first workout, and gave me tips during our jog. I am so grateful for the support of my Baylor O&P family. I have always wanted to pick up running as a hobby, and I decided that since I’m so close to a beautiful park in Houston, I need to start! I’m now on the hunt for a 5k – my first 5k – to keep me motivated with a goal in mind. Are any of my readers avid runners? What advice do you have for me?

Thanks for sticking with my first “It Matters” post! I’m looking forward to hearing your weekly accomplishments!

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